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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Irish Road Bowling on ESPN

It's our off-season at the moment but I thought I would let anyone interested know that ESPN's Kenny Mayne has a very nice piece on Irish Road Bowling, just click the link above.  It's a good watch if you have a few minutes.

And here is a photo from our last time out... looking forward to Spring already!

Also reminders for anyone that may want to join us in the future for a match we are on Facebook ( and Google+ ( or just check out the website.  We've got a couple videos and a lot more info on road bowling there...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Road Bowling in Weaverville

Fall Irish Road Bowling
Weaverville, NC

The Asheville Irish Road Bowling Association bowling in Weaverville today and produced a couple new records.  It was a small group that featured a couple doubles matches.  

The team of Scott Carson and Justin Hunter broke the out road record with a 19.  

On the way back in the team of Scott Carson and Aaron Hodges tied Jonathan Brooks and Justin Hunter's record score of 16.  However, they came within mere feet of scoring a 15.

*note, we bowl one road out about a mile and then back.  Also part of the road got a bit of repaving which may have helped a touch but I think we can give credit to continued improvement.

We will be back out again early in 2012 and throughout the year!  Who knows, we may even make it out one more time this year.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Asheville Irish Road Bowling on ABC WLOS

I was finally able to get a copy of the resent story done by WLOS ABC in Asheville, NC.  We actually bowled in Weaverville but they were able to piece together a couple minutes for us.  This video is missing the anchor lead in and the graphics but I think it is well done.

So one of the most popular questions I get is why do we have baseball gloves.  I am almost positive we are the first group to adopt this but here in Asheville our hills are a little steeper which creates some pretty drastic drops off the road.  Baseball gloves have helped us a ton in stopping the bowls from getting us in bad situations.  We have saved a lot of time.  Also it is much safer than stopping a bowl with your feet if it is headed towards danger!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Many thanks to WLOS for their great story on the Asheville Irish Road Bowling Association.  Click the link to check out the story.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bold Life Article on road bowling in Asheville, NC

The March issue of Bold Life is out and the Asheville Irish Road Bowling Association is featured in their Culture section.  When I think of our club and its members "cultured" in not the first word to come to mind but it is right up there!  Please take some time to check it out at the link above as it was very well done.   

Photo by Matt Rose

Many thanks to Jonathan Rich for taking the time to write it and to Matt Rose for some great photos including the one I added to this post. 

We are looking forward to 2011 and will be out bowling sometime soon.  We have 25 or 26 people heading to the Irish Spring Festival in Ireland, WV in three weeks so hopefully our teams can put together some good scores.  

We look forward to seeing everyone hopefully sometime in April if the weather permits!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Asheville Irish Road Bowling Store

Well in an attempt to pay for some things like a metal detector, the website, and some extra bowls we have put together some pint glasses that will be up for sale on the website shortly.

I am just finishing up our store and they will be ready to go.  Of course I will probably keep some in the car with me at all times for anyone that knows me.

They will be on sale on the site for $5.99 and there will be a bit of a discount for ordering multiple glasses and a shipping discount as well.  If you see me out it is just $5 to save us all a little time and hassle of dealing with change.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Looking back at 2010

Well 2011 is here and we are looking forward to our annual journey to Ireland, WV for the 2011 Irish Spring Festival. Since we have not quite gotten there yet I thought I would take a little time to put together a compilation of the fun times we had in 2010.

We look forward to seeing everyone in 2011!  I also added a bonus video below for those not as familiar with Irish road bowling.

For anyone that has never been road bowling here is a live action shot from the 2009 North American Region Finals.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Irish Spring Festival 2011

We are getting ready for another Irish Spring Festival in Ireland, WV.  Below is some info from the AIRBA site but I thought we could lead in with a photo showing just where you may end up if your bowl does not roll straight or the road turns just a bit too much.  

Lusher says meet me in Ireland, WV!

"March 19th at 2:30PM (usually) Teams of 4
March 20th at 1:30PM (usually) Teams of 2
It may be early but for those that have made the trek in the past they know we need to plan a little in advance because this one is in Ireland, WV.
If anyone that has never been before would like to go just let me know and I can give advice on lodging and things to do while you are up there. I would also recommend looking into carpooling and maybe setting up your teams in advance. There are always other bowlers up there who need teammates but those of us who have gone multiple years usually set that up in advance. Drop me an email if you are going and I can help get everyone organized. Also we usually have to get back and can't bowl on Sunday but I am sure some might want to bowl both days.
For the veterans of the group you know the drill. It will be a little different this year for Jess and me with Grady tagging along but we will definitely be there.
More info to follow."