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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Road Bowling in Weaverville

Fall Irish Road Bowling
Weaverville, NC

The Asheville Irish Road Bowling Association bowling in Weaverville today and produced a couple new records.  It was a small group that featured a couple doubles matches.  

The team of Scott Carson and Justin Hunter broke the out road record with a 19.  

On the way back in the team of Scott Carson and Aaron Hodges tied Jonathan Brooks and Justin Hunter's record score of 16.  However, they came within mere feet of scoring a 15.

*note, we bowl one road out about a mile and then back.  Also part of the road got a bit of repaving which may have helped a touch but I think we can give credit to continued improvement.

We will be back out again early in 2012 and throughout the year!  Who knows, we may even make it out one more time this year.

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