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Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 Season Is Close!

Irish Road Bowling sure is spreading around the United States! I keep getting updates from Google on new events popping up all over so I figured that I would share a few.  We're looking for new roads in the area all the time but for now we will focus a bit on events from other parts of the country.

Of course our great friends in WV have the Irish Spring Festival on St. Patrick's day weekend in Ireland, WV.

The folks down in Savannah are having their event the following weekend and who knows... if we get back from WV in time and feel nice and refreshed that would be a great trip.

There are matches in Missouri and Kansas. Actually the event in Kansas is happening today!

There is a second event in WV in Pipestem.

A few of our group will be in Ireland, WV and we are looking forward to seeing everyone! We should have our first matches of the year in Western North Carolina in the next month or so. Hope everyone gets out and has a chance to bowl in the next couple weeks!

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