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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Southeastern US Region Final

The first (hopefully annual) Southeastern Region Final will be in Asheville, NC this summer. We are inviting road bowling organizations from all over the Southeast US for friendly (and somewhat informal) matches on the Novice 3 and Novice 4 levels. We currently have participants from Asheville, Charlotte, and Charleston, SC hopefully attending as well as some of our good friends from West Virginia.  If you have a club that we failed to invite please email us at 

This will be a first time event with the hopes of expanding in the future with a possible rotation of sites. Obviously we are open to ideas but this invitation is the first step!

I am currently working on lodging options so if your organization does have members who would like to attend and compete please give us an estimate. For Asheville locals if you have any connections that could help us out please let us know. We have a few ideas for roads but this is a big area so if you know of an even better road let us know and we'll go throw some bowls to test it out!

More details to follow.

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